Space Dodger



A simple Flash game developed from scratch. I made this game in order to help me learn Action-script and Flash.


Quick Notes:

  • Developed in Flash using Actionscript 3
  • Simple avoidance based game with a score system
  • Created to teach myself Actionscript 3 by working on a practical project rather then tutorials



In college, I was part of a club that facilitated the development of games, PantherGames. As part of it, I developed several games. Since Flash is used by many game development studios, for one of our projects I decided to make this simple Flash game. It got my feet wet in the language and served as a way to more quickly immerse myself in and work through the language then I would have gotten if I did something like simple tutorials.


Personal Growth:

Aside form learning the basics of how to use Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3, this is also one of my earliest finished games. It is a simple avoidance game and not particularly complicated internally or externally. The most complex aspect of it is a simple particle effects engine that spawns the fire effects in the game. I intentionally used a limited scope in my design because I knew I would have to learn the language as a went and I wanted to ensue I could finish this project in a strict time limit. It’s basic but it is a fished game with as much polish as my poor art skills and better programming skills could provided.



  • High score table
  • Programmed from scratch in ActionScript 3 using classes
  • Simple Particle system for fire effects.