Panther Engine



The Panther Engine is an engine that was developed as a class project in one of my game design classes. It was written in C# and was designed as an open source XBox and Windows development platform that would also be owned by the school and could be reused and updated for future classes to work with and learn from. It was developed by the entire class and I mainly worked on UI programming.


Quick Notes:

  • An engine built in C# using the XNA framework
  • Intended as an open source engine for use at Chapman University in various game design classes
  • Group project that was built by the entire class
  • Built using agile development model
  • I mainly did UI programming


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My job in the project was UI programming for the game development tools. During the next semester work continued on the project after I had left, meaning that the UI code could have changed. However, I did do the initial work on the basic code and design that influenced UI development from there on out. I designed basic things like the command line, display windows, text displays, etc. The project was run using the agile development method and I completed weekly assignments while also meeting with the team during each class to discuss the project.


Personal Growth:

This is one of the earliest group projects that I had to worked on. It was important in helping me to develop communication and collaboration skills. It was also my introduction to Agile development. I found it to be an extremely flexible and adaptable method and have adopted it as my default development model. Its ability to adapt as things change and to evolve with the project is a highly desirable feature. This project is also the first time I had to work on and was an active part in developing an engine as opposed to smaller game projects. It cemented my dislike of working on low level code and the back-end and how I prefer working on more surface level gameplay programming. It exposed me to the inter-workings of good engine design and good techniques for engine development. It was instrumental in helping to educate me in the workings of how games are set up and their multiple level of internal structure.