This project started as a simple Maze generating program written in c++. In addition to making mazes, I’ve added simple gameplay by allowing the user to move through the maze as well.


Download Link:


Personal Growth:

For some time, I’ve been interested in looking into how to create a random map generating program. I did a bit of research and found a very simple maze creating algorithm. I wrote this programming as a means for me to learn about that maze generating algorithm while practicing my C++ and coding.

I’ve added the player movement feature as a way to flesh out a simple toy example into a functional, if simple game. This also let me do more work with internal class organization. Even this simple game required input getting, looping logic control for the game itself, and control of the overall game. This created a somewhat complex organization of classes and header files internally. Planning and organizing this internal structure into something better then my usual mess is good practice.



Code Samples:

Several functions from MazeGenerator.cpp: The main functions involved in the maze generation SelectShow
Spoiler Inside: Controls the logic of the game SelectShow
Spoiler Inside: A collection of user input getting methods SelectShow
Spoiler Inside: A static method that is uses the maze info to create an ASCII image to print to the screen SelectShow
Spoiler Inside: Similar to the above, but simulated darkness by only drawing maze items that are within a certain range. SelectShow