Neverwinter Night 2 Module



As a final project for one of my level design classes, I had to make a brief level that would set up a sort of first act to a game story. This is my level for that project. The level was created in Neverwinter Nights 2. It has a scripting puzzle sequences, several scripted dialogue sequences, and a fully built series of rooms and levels. The setting is a haunted house where the player is trapped and must fight his or her way out.


Quick Notes:

  • Campaign module for Neverwinter Nights 2
  • A haunted house level
  • Cusom scripting that includes dialgoue sequences, cutscenes, a puzzle, and NPC patrol paths
  • Focus was on making the environment as organic as possible and making the level as detailed as possible

Download Link:


Personal Growth:

This was probably the most time intensive project I’ve ever done. I spent several hours a day working on it every day for 3 weeks or so. Most of this time was spent arranging static meshes and changing small details about the level. This served to really drive home just how intensive and pain-staking making a highly detailed level is and how long it takes to build even simple levels. Making a level feel organic and ‘right’ is laborious and tedious but ultimately worth it. This specific level was also a good example is how to efficiently use and reuse models, since the level uses nearly every model in the entire game library and reuses models dozens if not hundred of times without being too obvious about it. It serves as a marker of the skills I learned in level design from scripting, to layout, to flow, to lighting, to dialogue writing. It is the culmination of everything I learned in that class and one of my best works so far. By putting a large amount of effort into my work, I made a professional looking level and I’m most proud of that.