This is a level design project for a class. The assignment was to create a short game using basic scripting and a single level in the Unreal 3 Editor. I designed and built a simple zombie game build around defending a house from a horde. The game wound up not working out well due to my limited knowledge of scripting and an overambitious idea for the final project, but the level did get finished as a simple team deathmatch map.


Quick Notes:

  • Unreal Tournament 3 team deathmatch map
  • Initially designed a simple level to use with a zombie survival mod. Recycled into a full level when the mod failed to materialize.
  • Example of salvaging my work when everything goes south during development

Download Link:


Personal Growth:

Aside from learning to accept the taste of failure due to my project not working out, this was a good lesson in how to roll with the punches. I tried something and it didn’t work but at least I was able to salvage a level from it and design something that looks interesting. With further work and continued development this map could be very strong even if it is lack luster in its current form. It might not be impressive, but I considering it an important lesson in being fluid and dealing with failure, a symbol to not lose hope when you fail miserably.