This is a an Unreal Tournament 3 map that I made while I was auditing one of my old level design classes. It was designed around the idea of using short range combat in Unreal 3, and originally had a small mod that came with it to give the player only short ranged weapons. I also wanted work on making the level scenery interesting by using a method I’d seen in other Unreal 3 levels where a large amount of unreachable scenery is placed at a distance to create an impression of a big world.


Quick Notes:

  • Unreal Tournament 3 Capture-the-flag map
  • Built for short range weapons
  • Focus was on creating the far away scenery and creating a smooth flow of gameplay

Download Link:


Personal Growth:

This is probably the best level I’ve done with a large backdrop and environment around it that that looked visually interesting. Many of my other maps either happened in an interior or where it was dark and the player could not be see much beyond the battlefield. In this level I specifically put a large portion of time into creating a very detailed, unreachable area around the map. I also, tried to create a map that was very simple and uncluttered to show off the environment. At the same time, I made this a short ranged focused map since it allowed for less walls and cover and obstructions in line of sight and more ability to create wide open space. I found it to be an interesting exercise and the fact that it works relatively well is a testament to how well very simple design can work in some multiplayer maps.