Time Warp – Day 5: Road Work

Repaving the road

I’m still having trouble testing my level, however this does give me a chance to work on another major issue with my map. The road looks horrendous because I’m using a building siding mesh. Since a road is a very simple model, basically a rectangle with a bit of a curve to it, I decided to make my own model for the road. It worked out quiet well and I like the look of the mesh in the level. After that, I made a curved section for the round-about (curving an exist model is easy).

Please don’t walk on the sidewalk

Once my new road was in, I needed to rework the sizes and placements of the sidewalk and buildings to work with the new models. This started out with deleting all the sidewalks and adding new ones around the road. I spent quiet a bit of time adjusting them and reworking them. One decision I made was to widen the road bit, since it was kind of narrow. As a result it almost completely spanned the tunnel. Since putting a sidewalk in there was a hassle before and would look terrible with how narrow it would have to be with the new wide road, I decided to just make the road wide enough to fill the tunnel and not have a sidewalk. Who walks through a tunnel anyways?

Once that was done, I added the straight sections of sidewalk. I inverted them on the road, since I realized that the curved edge had grates in it and those go in towards the road. I didn’t really stretch them very much this time since I felt they look a bit better the way they started. The real problem though was the curved sections. The sections near the center were fine since they form a complete circle and can slide under the central statue if they are too long or something. The outer edge is a hassle since the meshes are designed to form a circle, not a a partial circle as I need since the round-about connects to the road. This means that I have to warp them and that means that many times they won’t line up with the road and will cut into it or have a space between the sidewalk and the road. It takes a long time to actually get it to look decent and its still not very good. Luckily, its more noticeable from a distance then it is up close so It’s not too bad.

One possible solution that I wanted to try is to use a short one block section of the sidewalk mesh to try and build a curve. It would up not looking good due to the messy look of the overlapping sections and the fact that the mesh curves slightly which means that its wasn’t the sidewalk wasn’t flat. Another idea was to create my own sidewalk section and use it to build sidewalks, thus letting me control the sidewalk more and design it my own way. Unfortunately, the block I created didn’t look very good and the texture looked even worse. I tried it for a bit and then scrapped it.

We’re going to need to widen this road… and move that house

Once the sidewalk was in, the rest of the map needed to be adjusted slightly to match it. The central statue had to be slid a bit to the side to be in the center of the road section, the station needed to be moved back and to the side, and the large building needed to be slid to the side as well as adjusting the walls in front and to the side of it. It would up taking more time then I expected.

End of Day

At the end of the day I had the same map, but with a better looking road and a slight adjustment to line things up.

Zipped Level File