Set Phasors to ‘light barbecue’

Added a number of level design pages and menus. Also got a plug-in to display pictures that I’ll be using for my level design work and probably my programing projects that have a large number of pictures. Also added info for Facebook and Twitter buttons. (although those aren’t very interesting).

Slow News day

I Changed the theme page and looked into setting up menus the way I want them. Probably going to involve doing some php codeing, because that’s fun. I also added an about me and contacts page. I’ve got an idea for how I want the menu bar to look, but Its going to henge on my getting an arbitrary number of menus and sub-menus to work. Oh WordPress, why u no make life easy for me?

Brick by brick…

Added my text based adventure and began page for Space Dodger. Need to get Flash again though, so no code samples yet. Man, I need to do more project, my current stuff is really really bad.

Pardon my mess.

Okay, so now that I’m done putzing around and not doing anything with my existence, It’s time to start actually making something of this site. I have to start making pages for my various projects and adding them. Once I’ve worked out the general formula for a page it should be… easy..ish to add the pages I need. It’ll still take forever, but hey, that’s life.

Hello world! (Hello User!)

Just set up my website. Currently trying to figure out how to add pages. Going to start categorizing files and then adding sample work once I figure things out a bit. Stay tuned for more updates.