All aboard the Fail Rail!

I spent some time today, trying to see if I could import assets from UT3 into UDK (since there are numerous meshes i could use for Time Warp in UT3) but it seems that there is no legal way to do this, so I’m SOL. Instead, I’ll have to find substitutes. On that note, I tried my hand at modeling again to try and make a monorail railway… It’ didn’t go so well, but I think I can fix it up somewhat and improve the UV mapping and such to a slightly less fail-tastic level. Though I still don’t know what the heck I’ll do about meshes.

Three times is a pattern

I added a page for Day 3 of Time Warp. The level is coming along, though I should have been at testable state on day 2. Hopefully on day 4 I will be able to start testing with bots and, god help me, find warm bodies to test it.

Round 2… Fight!

I uploaded Day 2 to Time Warp. I also have decided to start including the level filed from each day, both as a back-up for me and because if a picture is a worth a thousand words, then the level itself is worth several trillion.

I’m not dead yet!

Well, I started a new project. I plan on building a level in UDK and documenting each step of the process. Hopefully it will give people a better insight into how my mind works (its actually a hamster in a wheel), and let me review my own process. With any luck maybe people will be able to learn something about level design from it… like how not to do things. I’ve added a new section for it ‘current projects’ and will be editing the page for my first day of work shortly.

Also, I have a wiki now. Whether or not its going to stay is sort of up in the air so it’s going to be messy until I sort that out.

We rode to ruin… then we rode back and got some coffee… and then we rode to ruin again… with Java

Rewrote most of my project pages to rework the language and expand on them. Also added some title page type images to a few projects. Next up is improving the summary section and then working with the spoiler boxes and theme.

Added a quick info section to each page and a static sticky on my homepage. I think everything is passable now… sort of.

Changed my theme. This theme handles the spoiler boxes better. It also makes my look like an Iphone flaunting, show off, yuppy douche so… trade offs!