Making CSS mud hills

I was recently asked to work on the UI and UX portion of our new product; colors, menu sizes, location, that sort of thing. This is all CSS work. The extent of my work with CSS up to that point was almost exclusively adding a few style tags to adjust the placement of elements on the webpage and such. I’m no stranger to baptism by fire since a lot of the skills I use on the job were thing I learned after being told to do them. *cough* JavaScript *cough* After messing around with it for a bit, I started to get the handle of the level of prescience of the various CSS items and how things overwrote each other and I began to find some of the interesting properties that can by styled in addition to things like media queries that can give some conditional styling.

I was, however, filled with the overwhelming since that I wasn’t doing it the ‘right’ way; That my style-sheets were going to be super sloppy and a complete mess to someone who knows what they are doing. I got that sense that I used to get when coding that I was making it work, but doing it wrong, and I had no idea what the right way was. I have seen some of the horror shows that sloppy coding can bring about, and I have the feeling my work may wind up as a CSS version of that. None-the-less, as always, it’s a new skill that I picked up and can do (if not super well) if there is a need. (Of course, you really really should hire an actual UX person when you are designing this stuff and not rely on programmers to do this. Programmers are not artists and artists are not programmers).

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