Unreal Efforts

I’m going to try my hand at creating something in Unreal 4. This will give me experience in the modern version of the engine I am familiar with as well as giving me some more experience with C++ (Which seems to be more and more of a requirement with each passing day). I’ve already gone through the basics by doing the FPS tutorial (which like all of their tutorials is broken due to a major change in the way header files are loaded). I have an idea for a game forming in my mind and, like with all my ideas, there is going to be a technical kink that will make it unnecessarily complicated. In this case, I plan to do multiplayer which means I have to move into the arcane world of Unreal’s server-client structure which I never needed to touch even in my previous life. Oh well, couldn’t be too terrible right? HA Ha ha ha… ha… ehhhugh.