A great many days later…

I’ve uploaded a new version of Mazes. This version has darkness added (and prompts the user for if he/she wants darkness and how far the user can see), and also has a randomized beginning and ending location. Now I’ve gone from a simple algorithm test, to a simple game, to a game that might actually pass as a crummy mini-game. In another few years maybe it’ll reach the quality of a mediocre quality game!

It is pitch black, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

I’ve added some basic ‘Darkness’ to my maze program by making it so only things within a certain radius draw. It’s caused an issue with how the walls are drawn since each wall relies on the next one to add the intersection character and so on, but it looks fine and 9it bugs me more then it actual is a problem. it also has made a big mess of my code but what’s new. I’m going to add some prompts for variables like sight range and weather or not to include sight and probably clean the code and then re-upload it.

Title Unrelated

I’ve added simple gameplay to mazes. Users can now move through the maze using WSAD controls (though I’d like to try and improve how clunky the key getting is). I’ve uploaded the new files to the mazes page and added some new screenshots and code samples for the new version.

Brrr… it’s cold here… Hoth cold

Okay so getting back from my winter vacation, I’ve refactored Mazes To use a new internal structure that makes it a bit nicer. This should allow me to rewrite how the maze is displayed and then add some gameplay features. It’s going to be simple, just an entrance, an exit, and a character marker that the user can move through the maze but that’s fine for a simple game.