We rode to ruin… then we rode back and got some coffee… and then we rode to ruin again… with Java

Rewrote most of my project pages to rework the language and expand on them. Also added some title page type images to a few projects. Next up is improving the summary section and then working with the spoiler boxes and theme.

Added a quick info section to each page and a static sticky on my homepage. I think everything is passable now… sort of.

Changed my theme. This theme handles the spoiler boxes better. It also makes my look like an Iphone flaunting, show off, yuppy douche so… trade offs!

This post will self-destruct… when the internet does

Well working with making the code samples more convenient. Did some work with spoiler boxes and code display. It looks hideous and needs some work but the basic parts look good. Also doing some work to change pictures I have into galleries to clean things up and make uploading easier.

Added a number of pictures for various programming projects.

Rewrote my ‘about me’ page. Need to do rewrites of other pages.

Winning ground, losing a battle

Added new page for Panther Engine. Updated Resume. For some reason Google Viewer seems to not be working at the moment as my resume won’t display. However, the download link still works. I assume its something at the plug-in or Google’s end since I’ve checked to make sure its the correct file and looked for errors, but see none as if yet.